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We can fix the three biggest threats to surface performance with the right equipment


The typical maintenance plan for preventing surface compaction is a regular rake through the material to loosen it up. Depending on the infil a stiffer metal rake, or a soft brush may be required. Continually loosening the surface is the only way to ensure it does not compact and prevent drainage.


Detritus can be swept, raked and blown on most surfaces. A regular process of litter picking and collecting debris is essential to successful management of detritus build up. But when done on a frequent schedule the task becomes extremely simple.


Surface displacement can usually be minimized by dragging loose material from high spots back into low spots. The more frequently this is done, the easier it will be to manage. Sometimes (like in block paving) the prevention is a little different.



Artificial grass is generally designed for use as a sports surfaces. As such, it must perform several tasks to a high standard.

  1. An even surface for players to run over, allowing the ball to play as expected.
  2. Provide grip for players.
  3. Drain quickly so the pitch can be used for as many hours as possible.
  4. Provide a relatively soft, even landing with no sharp objects.
  5. Look attractive to players and spectators.
There are several variations of artificial grass. However, their composition is usually quite similar.

There will be a solid hard-core or similar base, covered by a thin layer of sand to provide an even foundation for the surface. There is often a cushioning layer in the middle. This base is covered by a porous mat with the appearance of grass. The mat will be woven or perforated to allow fast drainage. In between the pile (grass strands) will be a filling; such as rubber crumb or sand. This is used to keep the grass pile up right and even, as well as providing a soft landing for players.


A regular preventative maintenance plan is very simple and easily implemented. Surface compaction can be easily prevented by using a powered sweeper over areas of heavy traffic and a drag mat or static brush over other are as to keep the infill loose.

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We are a proud member of Safe contractor accreditation